Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interstitial Calibration

          My aforementioned vacation was, of course, strictly from this blog.  While I did go to a concert, play some games, write on my book, entertain my grandkids, and pursue my career, what I really did was try to reassess the point of what I'm doing here.  As well as being a recreational fantasy writer, I also contribute to our family blog, and have been trying to sort out whether I'm overextended.
          What I mean is, really, is this necessary?  Not much traffic comes through here.  It isn't just that people don't comment (and that last post about men vs. women should have pissed off half the population; 1 comment from a person who lives in my house...).  You will have noticed the NeoWorx counter in the sidebar.  The moment you arrive on this site, it counts you, and displays your city of origin.  Now, I have a few regulars in San Diego who are hard to sort out from my own maintenance visits, but really, can't I put this stuff on the family blog, and let everyone read everything there?
          After careful consideration, I still see a need for this material to be separated out.  I'll reiterate for anyone just finding this:  The family blog is for things that are current; newish movies, TV shows, books, music, things we've been up to.  It's alleged to be a happy place for the enjoyment of ourselves, and anyone who chooses to join in.  This is entirely different.  Here is where I bring anything that commands my attention.  I try to keep it non-controversial, though I don't always succeed, as the post about men vs. women illustrates, but so far, I have avoided religion and politics, as those are arguments I don't want to get into.  Religion (or lack of it) is something deeply personal to each individual, and I'm not likely to post a random sentence on a blog that will change the way you view eternity; politics is simply a waste of the limited time I have been allotted here, although if I miss a paycheck behind this debt ceiling pissing contest our elected jackasses are having, I may waive that criterion.
          No, this is where I come to talk about my favorite movies, most of which were made back in the '60s, my favorite books and music, how great it was to be a kid in the '50s, stuff like that.  Things that are meaningful to me, and folks of like mind.  Maybe I'm saying a primarily older audience.  The family blog is hip-hop; this is classic rock.
          So, I'm going to soldier on here for a while longer.  Here's the way it will work from now on:  Every fifteen days I will post some subject and solicit comments, hopefully even start a conversation, though my friends at Nerd Lunch, who deal with pop culture and have been at this for years longer than I have, assure me that that is a rare occurrence.  Anyway, fifteen days between posts gives me plenty of time to assemble more subject matter (and note that I will act on interesting suggestions), and my audience plenty of time to converse.  Two days before each "real" post, I will put up one of these Interludes in which I will answer the last post's comments, do a wrap up, and preview the next post, which will be going up two days later.
          Case in point:  Friday evening, I expect about 9:00 PM Pacific, I will put up a post about reboots in film and comics.  This is prompted by an ongoing series on Nerd Lunch in which they have, since June 10th, been discussing the rebooting of franchises, both real ones currently underway, and those they would like to see.  Having spent the last 6+ weeks reading a steady diet of this material, I have formed some opinions.  If you'd like to hear them, or discuss yours, drop on by.  I'll see you Friday.  Now, get out there and live life like you mean it!
- Jack


  1. I definitely understand the need to compartmentalize content. I have four blogs, two Twitter accounts, a Facebook account, a Google+ account, and a couple other side projects that tie into some of that. I've been wrestling with how to juggle it all. I feel it's necessary to have my fingers in all those pies due to my day job, but struggle with coming up with enough diverse content to make each channel unique. Some sort of control and focus needs to be maintained so I think you're taking a good approach.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to your upcoming post about reboots. We've been beating that topic for weeks and still haven't covered every aspect of it.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, my young friend. I appreciate the encouragement. I'm closing in on my first year in this activity, so you've met and solved some of the problems I'm eye-to-eye with right now. I'm glad you didn't just say, "Do this, this, and this." My solutions shouldn't be yours; how dull that would be.

    As to what's coming, you know I'm generally opposed to reboots, but in the course of my research, I've found that's not a 100% rule. Hopefully, I'll provide you some new material to mine. Time will tell.

    Meantime, be safe
    - Jack