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Thursday, August 11, 2011


          First order of business is a warm welcome to new follower, Bob, from Indianapolis.  Bob is apparently a small dog, but I'm not going to hold that against him, because he is also an informed and entertaining writer who hosts the website Back to the Keep (  His main focus is on old school Role Playing Games, including his own variations of Labyrinth Lords, but he strays into other areas as well, and attracted my attention with an insightful review of the Captain America movie.  Anyone who enjoys this site should peruse his work; I'll bet you'll find something that entertains you.

          My last post in which I tried to ride the Nerd Lunch coattails on their long-running discussion of reboots didn't generate much interest, although Nerd CT did stop by to contribute, which always increases the polish of any endeavor.  That isn't to denigrate Nine's contributions, but like I said before, she lives in my house, and it isn't necessary to maintain a blog so we can have this conversation.  Notwithstanding, her comments were pertinent and relevant, and I hope everyone appreciated them; I know I did.  By the way, if you haven't experienced the Nerds yet, it's  They are well-educated young professionals with an eye for social conventions, and they don't hold anything so sacred that they won't level their formidable lance at it.  Definitely worth anyone's time to check out.

          Okay, you have two more days to get your last words in on reboots.  Saturday evening, I'm going to post the tale of how I met, nurtured, and held onto the person who is probably the sole reason that I'm not dead, in jail, or living on the sidewalk today.  I have no doubt that she will cover her view of the subject on her blog, Squeakings of a HouseMouse, and it may be fun when she does for the romantic souls out there to compare our views of the same event.  So I'll see you Saturday.  Now get out there and live life like you mean it!

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