Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing everyone health, peace, happiness, love, enough to get by, and the will to help those less fortunate, should you be blessed with a little more!  It's been a wonderful year at the Hideout, and I'm looking forward to another, filled with stimulating conversations with friends, old and new.  Check back Tuesday, after the dust settles, and these old bones have recovered from the grandkids' onslaught.  I'll be making some changes for 2012, and will be posting a little preview; hopefully, they'll be to your liking.  Now turn this stupid machine off, and go open presents!

Thanks for coming!
Love you all -
- Jack!


  1. Because it bears repeating, Merry Christmas to you too! Let the paper ripping commence! In the morning that is...

  2. Give my best to all of your family Jack and I hope you had a good one!!!