Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Everybody!

January Birthdays:

 1.  James McAvoy; actor; Scotland 1979.
 2.  Cuba Gooding Jr; actor; the Bronx, NY 1968.
 3.  Eli Manning; NFL quarterback; New Orleans, LA 1981.
 4.  Don Shula; NFL coach; Painesville, OH 1930.
 5.  Diane Keaton; actress; Los Angeles, CA 1946.
 6.  Nancy Lopez; pro golfer; Torrance, CA 1957.
 7.  Nicolas Cage; actor; Long Beach, CA 1964.
 8.  Shirley Bassey; singer; Wales 1937.
 9.  Sergio Garcia; pro golfer; Spain 1980.
10.  George Foreman; boxer, entrepreneur; Marshall, TX 1949.
11.  Stanley Tucci; actor; Peekskill, NY 1960.
12.  Kirstie Alley; actress; Wichita, KS 1951.
13.  Patrick Dempsey; actor; Lewiston, ME 1966.
14.  Julian Bond; legislator, activist; Nashville, TN 1940.
15.  Drew Brees; NFL quarterback; Austin, TX 1979.
16.  Debbie Allen; dancer, actress; Houston, TX 1950.
17.  Jim Carrey; actor, comedian; Canada 1962.
18.  Kevin Costner; actor, director; Lynwood, CA 1955.
19.  Dolly Parton; singer, actress; Sevierville, TN 1946.
20.  Bill Maher; comedian, TV host; New York, NY 1956.
21.  Jack Nicklaus; pro golfer; Columbus, OH 1940.
22.  Greg Oden, NBA player; Buffalo, NY 1988.
23.  Mariska Hargitay; actress; Los Angeles, CA 1964.
Mary Lou Retton
24.  Mary Lou Retton; Olympic gymnast; Fairmont, WV 1968.
25.  Dinah Manoff; actress; New York, NY 1958.
26.  Ellen DeGeneres; actress, TV hostess; Metairie, LA 1958.
27.  Allen Cumming; actor; Scotland 1965.
28.  Elijah Wood; actor; Cedar Rapids, IA 1981.
29.  Tom Selleck; actor; Detroit, MI 1945.
30.  Gene Hackman; actor; San Bernardino, CA 1930.
31.  Justin Timberlake; singer, actor; Memphis, TN 1981.


  1. What a voice Shirley Bassey had.

  2. Boy, did she ever! A modern big voice that fills up the auditorium in similar fashion is Johnny Copeland's daughter, Shemekia. She has a large presence on YouTube, and while pretty much everything she does is rockin' good, you might try My Turn Baby for a sample...

  3. Happy New Year, Jack.

    I'm glad to have gotten to know you a bit here and from your comments on our blog. Looking forward to a fun 2012.

  4. Hey, Jeeg. Always good to hear from you! It's too early for me to say yet what's going to happen with the Hideout, but no matter what, I'll continue to hang out around the Lunch counter. I've had way too many fun times there to just walk away. Ye'll nay get rid o' me that easy, Matey, arrrrrgh!