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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interlude (#2)

Hideout Happenings

          March 11:  Fool, thy name is Jack!  I have a night shift tonight, wherein I leave for work at 5:00 PM, get off at 2:30 AM, and my pointy little head will be hitting the pillow about an hour after that.  I customarily stay up as late as I can the night before, so as to sleep in.  I'm 63 years old, so how did I celebrate the inauguration of Daylight Savings Time?  Well, since you ask, I set the clocks ahead, made love to a crazy nymphomaniac, got up after five hours of sleep, ate breakfast (which due to my insane schedule, goes down at about 11:00 AM around these parts), after which I will load "Back Alley Sally," my '99 Ranger (and the other crazy nymphomaniac in my life), with old TVs, computer components, my rebellious game consoles, and go sit parked in line at the local Home Depot to get rid of these things at a Free Electronic Recycling event.  After that, I'll swing by my favored Arco station on the way home to treat Sally to about 12 gallons of unleaded regular @ around $4.35 per, jump in the shower, and, time willing, try to sneak in a nap before I roll out to do my part toward keeping the Navy safe for sailors.  Anyone want to start a pool on which freeway I'll be zipping along when my eyes finally close, and I drive Sally up a tree?
          By the way, do you know why they don't have Daylight Savings Time in Arizona?  They have Apaches there, instead.  The story goes that the politicians were all gathered in the State House, debating the pros and cons of DST when an old Apache medicine man quietly approached the podium and requested permission to speak.  The politicians all rolled their eyes at each other, then one of them said, "Sure, old timer.  What's on your mind?"
          "I would just like to point out that only a dishonest white man would try to convince anyone that you can cut the top off a blanket and sew it onto the bottom, and somehow have a bigger blanket!"
          Arizona's politicians may not be any wiser than anyone else's, but they can recognize a truth when it's pointed out to them.  Arizona has never considered going on Daylight Savings Time again.

          March 12:  Yesterday's lament had a happy ending.  I only needed nine gallons of gas, it was only $4.30 per gallon, I was able to get an hour's nap, and best of all, I'm home safe!
          The polls closed at midnight with a tie between Games and Movies.  Games was up first, so I'll do a post on Games, and follow it with one on Movies.  Along with the Movie post will be the next poll.  I've been a gamer for 60 of my 63 years, so get ready for a ride...

          March 13:  Part of my job last night required me to sit in the dark in my pickup truck and wait for something to happen.  Jazz 88 wasn't to my liking, so I killed the radio and spent an hour and a half listening to the wind blow through the cavern between my ears, and as so often happens under that sort of condition, I had an epipheny:  I'm not smart enough to do the things that I'm trying to do here.  First of all, I have identified what it is that I like about this; it's the conversations after the posts go up.  Getting the posts up is another matter entirely.  I am not a skilled critic, not of books, movies, TV, music, art, food, or restaurants; I am not a historian, a scientist, a minister, a psychologist, a conneseur, a photographer, an author (not a real one), nor a graduate of any institution of learning higher than a Navy technical school.  I struggle with the preparation of these posts for days and days, trying to keep the site fresh, agile, and current, not because I have any great knowledge or deep insight to share, but in the hope that, once they go up on the blog, there will be comment and conversation, a chance to exchange pleasantries and opinions with other people, and gain some fresh insights.  Sadly, that rarely happens, and when it does...  Well, publicity shots of Gena Lee Nolin in her Sheena outfit tend to bring in some visitors.
          All I have to do, as I sit here banging my head on the desk, trying to shake the next post out, is to flick my eyes up to the bookshelves across the room to see my abandoned game collection.  Right next to these are my "how to write books" books, and all are beckoning me home to where the great memories live. Oh, and right here on the desk is the professional grade Hohner Blues Harp I was given for Christmas.  That has been taking a back seat as well.  It might be time to reorder my priorities.
          I don't want to alarm anyone.  This is a stream-of-consciousness that I'm sharing so that if I take a radical turn down the road, it won't be as wrenching as my sudden cyber-demise, coming with no warning.  No decisions have been made, and doing these posts, difficult as they are, and having contact with my regular friends has its attractions, too.  I don't know what will win in the end, but I assign myself deadlines to get these up.  They wouldn't get done otherwise, and I find that I view their approach with the same sense of dread that accompanied the run-up to my recent colonoscopy.  To paraphrase MacArthur:  Old bloggers never quit.  They just fade away.  Perhaps I shall join them.  This is my hobby; it's supposed to be fun...
          In other news, Nine has a birthday coming up, and as part of the festivities, Bonnie and I are taking her to the Judy Wexler concert at the Saville Theater tonight.  There's a post in there somewhere, but I will let either Bonnie (Squeakings of a Housemouse) or Nine herself (The Spinster Aunt) do the honors.  I'm tired.  I'm coming off the night shift, didn't get enough sleep,  and breakfast is about to hit the table; 11:00 AM, remember?  Right after breakfast sounds like a great time for a nap...

          March 14:  Thanks for the reminder, Axeman (see comment below).  I maintain relationships here, as I do in real life, for the enjoyment of the camaraderie of good friends.  I don't abandon my flesh and blood friends because the rest of the world sucks, and I shouldn't treat my cyber-friends with any less loyalty.  I have made a lot of good friends here, the nerds, the book-lovers, the gamers, the nostalgia buffs; I hope that covers everyone.  Anyway, I'm going to suck it up and hang on with this.  I will reduce the frequency, because I do want time for those other things in my life, but you people are important to me, and I flatter myself that you keep coming back because you find me interesting; I will be here.  Sometimes life crowds in, and it's easy to start shedding things that look unimportant.  It helps to be reminded from time to time that my friends are not expendable, so at those times that this sort of talk crops up in the future, somebody copy this section and paste it into a comment by way of answer.  That ought to do it...
          So, continuing along, I'm going to make the next post about a movie, and the one following that about games.  I'm not prepared to do a comprehensive game post right at this moment, and I don't want to half-ass it.  There is a movie I've had my eye on, and have recently acquired, and that will be the next subject, sometime next week, I expect.  So, we good?  Good!

Happy Birthday, Nine!


  1. Oh dear, the night shift! I used to work the night shift before in my previous work. I had the night shift for a couple of months, coming to work at 10 pm and leaving the office at 7 am. My boss was based in NYC, and Manila has a 12-hour time difference. My system was so out of whack!

  2. I will always know you as a man who loved games, board or electronic, and I think for the very reason that it brought friends over to enjoy each others company. Things are always changing and unfortunately the NWA fell apart. I loved every oportunity I had to play games with you, no matter what they were. I was never really good at any of them but still had the time of my life. I think you will be great at anything you set your mind to. I love ya pop. I miss ya. I'll support whatever you decide to do. Don't really have a choice to but even if I did, I would stand by you no matter what.

  3. You have always had a way with words Jack ever since I've known you wich is why I've always been puzzled as to why your books aren't in the front window of Barnes and Nobles. If I were to tell you about my day it would sound boring but you really know how to bring things to life. There is no wonder as to why visitors would keep coming back to your sight, YOUV'E GOT MAD WRITING SKILLS!!! I find it interesting to hear about other peoples day, especially if they know how to put a spin on it. It's not what you do on a daily basis that makes you interesting (No Offense), it's the way you write about it!

  4. Welcome, friends. Thanks for the healthy shaking. All of us probably have more things we want to do than we have time to do it in, and when you're looking for fat to trim in your recreational time budget, it becomes easy to focus on blogging as being nothing more than doing research and typing your posts. Thanks to Axeman for reminding me that I have real, live friends behind those URLs, and they deserve better than to be cast aside as if they're nothing more than an inconvenience. It is also easy to rationalize pulling that particular plug by offering the assumtion that what I am doing is of no value to anyone. This is when Cesar shows up to tell me in no uncertain terms that that isn't true. Thanks to you for that, Cesar, though sadly, Ace, Dell, and Random House don't share your opinion of my writing skills; if a dozen friends find enjoyment in them, then that is value enough. Finally, thanks to everyone who visits me here, Peter and all the rest, who take the time to comment, pro or con, on my efforts, and thanks to all of you who have welcomed me onto your sites as a commentator. That, too, is value enough, and as I would never say to a friend standing in front of me, "You'll have to leave, because I have no time for you," never again will I say that to the friends on the other side of the screen. I have to get back to work now, so I'll leave you by saying Thanks For Everything. Now, get out there and live life like you mean it!