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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays, whichever you choose!

          "Learning is the fountain of youth.  No matter how old you are, you must never stop growing." ~ CHINESE PROVERB
          I have always been in the camp that holds that the people and stores who say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" have ridden the Political Correctness train to the far end of the line.  This year, I had the film peeled off of my eyes by one of my oldest and most respected internet friends, a practicing Jew from southern Australia, who pointed this out in her latest blog post:

          Thank you, Kaz, for the wisdom of your words.  I never wanted to be "that guy."  I didn't know, now I do, and the adjustment has been made.  So like the title says, Happy Holidays, no matter which one you celebrate.
          I would be remiss if I didn't point out that there is a Slayer of Darkness giveaway in progress over at Goodreads.  Click on the widget at the top of the right sidebar to join in.  Signed copies will be mailed to five lucky winners, so get your name in the hat.  This may be the last physical book I ever publish, so don't miss out!
          The party starts early over here, and I need my beauty rest.  Have a great day, and a great holiday season, and I'll be back with another thrilling post New Year's morning.  Don't miss it!

~ Blimprider


  1. Hey Jack!!! Thank you so much for the reference - you just made my day in steaming Melbourne. Summer finally decided to put in an appearance, with a vengeance! It's just past 8pm, and it's still 35 degrees celsius here...I have no idea what that is in your temperature, but I can tell you it's - warning: Aussie vernacular coming - pretty bloody hot, mate!
    We lit our first Chanukah candles last night - the first time in 40 years that first night of our festival has coincided with Christmas Eve. Nearly time for tonight's candles. We had roast chicken and lots of latkes with applesauce to celebrate. Today, we did something we've talked about for years, and had lunch out in a classy restaurant. And then came home to the aircon and have been watching movies.
    I hope you and yours have had a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to reading more of your blog in the New Year - and your new book too!!

    1. Hey, Kaz, you made my day by showing up! Just got the crew on the road after a 4-hour present opening binge. The grandkids made out like bandits, but my girls got me a new 55" flatscreen for my gaming hangout, so ol' grandpa made out best of all.

      We usually have had hot Christmases here for the last decade because of a local weather condition called a "Santa Ana" which involves a hot wind coming out of the nearby desert, but this year we had two days of driving rain with temps in the 40s (5-10C), so it felt more like Christmas.

      Sounds like you guys are engaged in having a great time, so I'll exhort you to carry one. I'll talk to you later when my ears stop ringing. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Happy Holidays, Jack! Wishing you the best for the season and the new year. I've signed up for the giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you, brother. We had a great time here with the grandkids. Best of luck on the giveaway, and have a great week!