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Friday, July 28, 2017


          It has been over six months since I posted to this blog, and that was to tell you to go somewhere else if you wanted to read my words of transcending wisdom and scintillating wit.  Now I am returning to this page for various reasons, wider exposure, and the fact that this site is cited in my latest book as the place to visit me on line, but mostly because an old friend has just rediscovered me, and joined my followers here.  I have missed her, and I would rather maintain an extra site than miss making contact with another friend, so over the next hours and days, I will be dusting off the furniture, cleaning the windows, and just generally refurbishing things to bring them into line with where I am now as a writer and a retiree with plenty of time to do this.
          Some, maybe most of the old posts will be going away, those that don't reflect my current philosophy, and of course, nobody wants to wade through all my griping and carping that found its way on here during those dark periods when my self-esteem was at a low ebb.  All that will be left when the dust settles is positive, informative, uplifting  posts that convey positive information about me, my writing, and my situation now.  Initially, at least, the new material will consist of transcripts of my blog, Riding the Blimp, whose title comes from my steampunk sobriquet, "Blimprider."  I post there every Monday, and the main subject is generally something to do with the Craft of writing.  I will post one of those every few days until I'm caught up, and then repeat each new one here.  That's all I'm looking at doing now, but when you're a writer, your mind is never still, so there's no telling what I'll be adding as new ideas come to me.  The main thing is that it's difficult to get to me if you aren't a member, and if there's anything I don't want to do, it's be difficult to reach!
          Oh, and for the record, that old friend is professional book editor Lynda Dietz.  You can read her well-edited and informative blog at  And now, I'd better get busy; this isn't going to reboot itself!

~ Jack

UPDATE, 5:00 PM PDT:  It took about six hours to screen the 76 entries I had posted on this blog since 2011, and in the end, almost all of them stayed.  Some could have gone, but for the comments, which are the last reminders of friends from long ago.  I my luck is good, they may find me again, and in any case, they are treasured keepsakes, like cracked and faded photos of friends gone by, cherished even as new ones are made.  Well, hopefully, a lot more will be made here.  Come on over, peruse the stack, and start a conversation.  I don't bite (except by request!), so you have nothing at all to lose but your reluctance.  Let's talk!


  1. I've been reading them with interest - so few people document things with proper paragraphs and some kind of order.

    What is your font? I like it. It reminds me of what draftsmen used to do so everything was legible on blueprints.

    1. Hi there again! The font is Walter Turncoat. Blogger is the only place I've ever seen it, but it's similar to Speechwriter. I chose it because it's extremely close to my natural handwriting.