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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Short and Occasionally Sweet

          "Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what was seen during a moment."
                         ~ CARL SANDBURG

          Lest you think I'm setting you up for a pulp fiction shoot-'em-up author's condescending drone on the shortcomings of poetry, let me assure you I am not!  Quite the contrary.  I am a member of a little on-line arthouse where folks get together to share our attempts to wax profound in 25 words or less.  That is, in fact, the name of the group, and while you have to be a member of to participate, it is open for anyone who would care to drop in and sample the wares.
          Consider this your invitation.  Here's the link.  Drop in for a read, and if you feel inspired to try your hand, there is a free membership in to be had for the asking, which will open the door to your contributions.  But, writer or reader, we'd love to welcome you.  Come by and see a side of the Blimprider that isn't often displayed.


  1. That's all right, you can wave your hands all you want!

  2. Thank goodness. Because keeping ANYTHING to under 25 words would only make my hands speed up.