Monday, September 4, 2017

09-17 / 4th

          Good morning, my dwindling crew of friends and followers, and I hope this finds you well.  Today's activity consisted of blogging at on an embarrassing subject, and one I probably shouldn't have shared...  Or maybe I should, since people are known to read the book I refer to, and they'll be happy to know that I've learned from the experience.
          The only other writing endeavor I'm looking at today is to sort out where Stingaree is going.  The grandkids are in school today, and...  oh, no, this is a holiday!  Well, hopefully I can make it work; I'm sure they have other plans.  Happy Labor Day, by the way.
          Which brings me to my real point:  Maybe this isn't the place for this journal.  Looking at my dashboard, I can see that every day since I began doing this, fewer and fewer people have come to read.  What I'm recording here is information that is of importance to me, and not to anyone else.  Perhaps I need to get back to that paper journal, and make this into something  more interesting.  For one thing, this is my author site, where people land when they follow my link in my books, on Facebook, on, and everywhere else.  This is my face to the world.  Perhaps I should make it interesting to the world.
           So that's where I stand right now, at yet another crossroad.  I'm not worried about it, and I hope you aren't either.  All of life is an experiment, right?  We'll have to see where this one leads.
          Hold my beer.  I'm gonna try something...


  1. Well I don't know about anyone else Jack, but I like having a dark li'l corner where friends can bare their true faces to each other. On that front, it may in fact be better that most folk gave up on this page, as you're more free to share what you will, warts and all.

    Just a thought.

  2. Ah, Neale, me boyo, welcome back. While I can't disagree in principle with the cathartic effect of a Darkhold, I pretty sure I don't want this to be it. As I said, this page right here is my face to the world, and it should ideally have a million followers and a billion readers. I don't think sharing my version of a Dark Li'l Corner is going to bring them in. I have some ideas, and I'm going to try one later this morning. Hang in there til I figure this out.