Saturday, September 2, 2017

1709: Episode 2

          Saturday, first day of the weekend.  The weekends are generally when I take care of my "administrative" writing, by which I mean reviewing, outlining, and the like.  Today I reviewed a magnificent story, The Garment, by S.R. Wilson.  This is a delightfully chilling tale written in the style of H.P. Lovecraft, and is really worth a look by horror fans.
          From there, I went to Twenty-five Words or Less, a micro-poetry page, and posted Disaster, a 25-word epic that is nothing like the title sounds.  Aside from updating the Story of the Week in The Punk Fiction Library, that is all the keyboard work I have planned for today.  I will be spending some time planning where to take Stingaree, but that's pencil-and-paper work, and I'll let you know how that went when I'm done.  Everybody have a safe and sane three-day weekend, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.
          An odd footnote:  Labor Day is traditionally the last holiday of summer.  Here in San Diego, where the three seasons, Spring, Summer, and Fall, traditionally run a month or so late, we're just getting started.  The thermometer in our driveway hit 116 degrees yesterday (I wouldn't have known that if I couldn't see it from the kitchen window), and we're promised more today.  I have a lot of Scandinavian and northern European in my genetics; big fan of Spring and Fall!

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