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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Daily Grind: 12 Sep 17

          "When writers die they become books, which is, after all, not too bad an incarnation."
                                   ~ JORGE LUIS BORGES

          In my constant bid to streamline my activities, get more use out of my time, and eliminate pointless activities, I am going to stop the daily gabfest here.  I just clicked over to the dashboard and looked at the numbers.  They don't tell me how many people read the words I leave here, only the number who land on the site.  That number wouldn't tax a public restroom, so I'm going to put the time I spend on these daily entries to better use.  If you have a copy of one of my books, and the web address in the foreword has brought you here, you have my thanks, and my welcome.  Follow this link to my new home:

          Likewise, if you are one of the small number who follow my demented ramblings, that's where you will find my public writings in the form of stories, books, a wee bit of poetry, and my weekly blog about the writing Craft, Riding the Blimp.  You will find that there is much more to me over there, so pay me a visit, I'd love to hear from you!  Oh, and take note, membership in is free, and members at any level have access to much more of my material than a guest on the site.
          And that about wraps it up.  I may still post the occasional item here if the subject matter seems relevant, but anything I do in the way of daily activity will appear there.  Well, I guess that does it.  Hit the link and join the party!

~ Jack


  1. How do I find you there without this link? I tried searching for your name and for blimprider in various capitalizations. Nada.

    On the other hand, 'reviews' is not book reviews you've written, so it doesn't help me see how you review books and what kinds you write reviews for.

    I'm guessing from the surrounding of a couple of them that people request reviews of a piece of writing - from other members on the site.

    How do you get 'assigned' to review someone's writing?

    1. As I say, I'm no longer active there, but you can review anyone you want. In the left sidebar, click on "Community," and in the submenu that appears, you'll find read and review, please review, read a newbie, and also a link to request reviews. No one is assigned to anyone, you just find a story and wade into it. Also, at the top of your page, you'll find " 101." That is indexed, and answers most questions more than adequately.

    2. Thanks, but no thanks - I closed the account. I have to be selfish; no choice in the matter. That's why I put a very high price on 15 minutes of my time on my new Patreon - so no one will pay for it!

      Frustrating - but it has led to some amazing fiction to have to work the way I do.