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Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Daily Grind, 9 Sep 17

Riding the Blimp

          Happy Saturday to everyone still locked into those nasty jobs, and I hope you're able to unwind this weekend.  As most of you know, I don't write on the weekends.  I shift gears to prepare for next week, and the new project to come.  Next week, I will begin the outlining for my new project, a novella in my Nexus universe of supernatural warfare.  I don't know what it's going to be about yet, and I don't expect to get any actual words on the page, but when I do, it will begin to appear on my page at, and it will be available for reading by members only.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but those wishing to read it will need to have their FREE membership in place; either that, or buy it on Amazon whenever it's finally published.
          Here's something you don't need a membership for:  Just because I'm not writing doesn't mean I'm not engaged.  One thing I do on the weekends is reviews for my fellow members, and today I found a splendid little horror story that I can whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who enjoys that genre.  The Devil's Bride was written for a contest, which it most deservedly won.  Drop by when you have 15 minutes, and treat yourself to a delightful little chill.

Friends in the Biz

          Lots of interesting blogs on the feeds today.  First, Andy Graham interviews my friend and talented author C.W. Hawes.   C.P. Lesley turns her talented eye on the limitations of researching historical data.  Writers Helping Writers has posted a most excellent article about how a character's career should affect their, well, character.  Finally, David Lee Summers chronicles his visit to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.  All good reading, and good information for period writers of all kinds.
          Everyone keep safe, play nice, and above all else, get out of Florida!  I'll see you all tomorrow.

~ Jack

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  1. Well, I created a account - but don't know your handle to see what you've posted there. Your name did nothing. I was going to read some of your reviews.