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Friday, September 8, 2017

The Daily Grind, Sep. 8th, '17

Riding the Blimp

          Today I added another scene to The Secret Society.  I was only able to get two sections done, but thanks to the new journaling method I've been raving about in the last few posts, they are light years ahead of what I originally had planned.  I invite you to take a look; it is public access at the link above.
          Having learned a lot about my writing style over the last 58 years, I generally shift projects on a weekly basis, and this week will be no exception.  Over the weekend, I will be writing a couple of reviews for my fellow members and prepping my blog post for that site.  Monday, I will launch into the second story of The Nexus Chronicles, my supernatural 1920s series.  This will be my first look at what the second story will be, so I'm not likely to get any actual writing done next week.  What I hope to accomplish is to decide on the subject, the plot, and get a minimal outline completed so that I can start writing on my next session, maybe the week after.

Friends in the Biz

          On today's feed I encountered Immerse or Die with a review of Toby Smart.  Immerse or Die is a ruthless review site that allows an author two mistakes; on the third one, the reviewer pulls the plug and writes his review.  Only the bravest authors submit themselves to that crucible, and not all survive!
          Michael May's guest blogger expounds on Nightmaster, DC Comic's foray into Sword and Sorcery, while steampunk author Karen Carlisle begins "Tea September" with a photo essay.  There's some enjoyable stuff here, so be sure to pay them a visit, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!

~ Jack


  1. Is there a link to see some of the reviews you've written? I tried several possibilities, but doesn't like me, and Amazon didn't pop up any reviews to a simple query.

    Reviews are an art form - I like to read them, especially when a book has a lot of good and a lot of negative reviews.

    1. I think is set up so that only the reviewee can see the review unless he acts to share it. I don't spend much time [read "any"] there anymore. As my recent work has gotten more gritty in nature, they have issues with it being on their family-friendly forums.

    2. Okey dokey. If you don't spend time there, there's no point for me to - I'm overcommitted in every direction. I'll just respond to your blog posts as they come along.