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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Hideout, Sep. 5th, 17

          So here's my first idea:  Maybe I can do both.  Basically, that means turning it into a newsletter.  Let's see how this goes...

Riding the Blimp

          The obvious news is the revamping of the blog.  Journaling about my day-to-day writing activities has proven about as interesting as watching corn grow, and I must move on from that if I hope to keep any readers at all; according to my dashboard, this has not been that popular.  Still, this is an author's personal page, and there are those who want to know what to expect in the worlds of his creation, so this section, which shares its name with my blog, will chronicle my writing activities.
          At the aforementioned, I am in the running for two of this year's prestigious Quill Awards, one for the Best New Portfolio, and one for Best Blog.  All I can do about my blog is to keep the quality high.  The Portfolio, now that's another matter.  "Portfolio" is what they call your home page, and much of what you're judged on is presentation.  Don't get me wrong, it's about the content but if a tiebreaker is needed, they'll fall back on intangibles.  Accordingly, I have reorganized my Port with a new folder, Works in Progress.  As you might expect, collected here are items that I'm working on.  There are currently three, and all are available for reading and commenting, but only by members.  Membership is free, and if you join, you can keep abreast of developments, comment on the stories, and maybe even affect their outcome.  You're all invited, and I'd love to see you thereSo far, everything is free to the public, though that will not always be the case.  For now, though...

Friends in the Biz

          Today, Sarah Zama marks a year of her Gang Roundup feature on her blog, The Old Shelter.
          Writers Helping Writers, a site that should be on every author's speed dial, has posted the single most valuable piece of advice I have encountered in my 58 years of dabbling in fiction, how to use a novel journal to make breakthroughs.  I will be studying this thoroughly, and putting that beautiful journal I've mentioned before to good use henceforward.  You should, too!
          Steampunk Cavaliers has dropped an in-depth review of Sunless Skies, a steampunk RPG set to run across all home computer platforms.
          Finally, William Jackson, author across multiple ~punk genres, has posted his second set of two movie reviews on his page, The Railbaron's Blog.  His format is one atompunk movie, and one noir. 
          All of these are highly recommended.  Entertaining, informative, and a great chance to make some new friends.

In Other News...

          When I have something else to share, maybe a blog post from elsewhere, or a special piece of news, it will appear here.  Today there isn't anything, so I'll bid you good day, and await your comments on what you think of this format.  Bear with me, I'll get it.
          Fair winds and following seas; I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. I'm pretty terrible about visiting anyone on a daily basis, but I shall try to pop over whenever I can!

    1. That's okay, Lynda, if you only make it once a year, I shall be honored to have you! This may not turn out to be a daily blog, anyway. Final format is still in flux. I just hope it's ultimately something you enjoy!