Friday, November 17, 2017

Dawn, Moment of Infinite Hope

                    "This is the moment of embarking.
                         All auspicious signs are in place."
                                   ~DENG MING-DAO

          Last week, I was blessed to be able to bring you a beautiful sunset.  This morning, the Lords of Beauty presented me with a sunrise of stellar proportions, and the Gods of Coincidence allowed me to be up to photograph it.
          Dawn, whatever form it takes, is that moment where all things are possible.  At the dawn of a new day, you don't know what it might bring, but you are filled with hope for the possibilities.  The beginning of a new job,  the first day of school, opening day at the ball park, when every team is a contender; all are dawns, in one form or another, and all are overflowing with hope.
          I hope we all find the fulfillment of our dreams today, and every day.  Decide to be decent today.  Just today, decide you won't snap back at that snotty cashier, you won't blow your horn and show your finger to the asshat who cuts you off in traffic, that you won't look for opportunities to snarl, but rather opportunities to smile.  See what kind of day you have; maybe you'll decide to do it again tomorrow...
           I don't face the daily challenges that most of you do anymore, having retired over a year ago, but even I have choices to make, and the easy one is always not to fight.  Now go forth and, not conquer, but embrace your day.  You might be surprised at the difference it makes!


  1. The greatness of a blog, I think, is it can be anything, any day of the week. Why stress over it? i enjoy your perusals through your life, writing, etc. Seems the blog you've been looking for is the one you already have...

    1. Oh, yes, brother, I've always known it was here since Weebly announced their intention to plagiarize anyone who posts there. The question has always been the form it will take. For the past thirty years or more, my activities have been divided into two parts, writing and everything else, and subject matter was self-defining. Things are changing for me, and I find myself needing to settle on a direction going forward. I've just been afraid to admit to myself what's coming. Maybe in a week, maybe in a month, I'll be ready; maybe I'll just let people figure it out for themselves. Good of you to be here for me again and again, though!

  2. I love your perspective. If we can promise ourselves to do something good for TODAY, then we can try the same thing tomorrow. Sooner or later, we'll realize we've changed something substantial about ourselves, and it's a good thing.

    1. Hi, darlin', welcome back! I love it when people get what I'm saying. I guess it's just my natural laziness in action, but it's so much work to go around being an asshat all the time, and so easy to just let it ride. If people could just understand this basic fact... It is so painfully simple that embarrassed laughter would be heard everywhere.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your peaceful day tomorrow!

      ~ JT

    2. I totally get it. I don't understand how people have the stamina to go around being angry all the time. That's way too much work! I'm going to stick with my own natural laziness as well, lol.