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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Inbound to Reality in 3... 2... 1...

 "Washing at dawn:  Rinse away dreams.
Protect the gods within, and clarify the inner spirit."

                                                                                 ~ DENG MING-DAO

           I have been conflicted about this writing business for a year or more.  My friends have graciously put up with my fits and starts, even the folks at, where my conflicted feelings came to a head last week, hoping, I assume, that I would find the muse and continue the adventures.  Sadly, that hasn't happened, and reconciliation with that cantankerous creature drifts farther away every day.
          I can write articles about the abstract concepts of the craft or the characters, plots, and situations in my old books, but when I get out all my materials and try to produce new copy, be it outlining or words on the page, it fades into the background cacophony of things that are of much greater interest to me.  Those things include the constantly developing strategy for my ongoing XCOM campaign, what to do with my postage-stamp yard come spring, or what old movies Mama and I might want to cuddle up in front of...  Anything but writing!
          The facts are these:  I have a trilogy in print, and a short story that proved of sufficient quality for an editor to include it in his anthology.  Whatever shadowy point I set out to prove when I began my quest for publication has been made, and I feel no further pressure nor even the slightest urge to continue on that path.  I have been wasting hours a day pretending to be a writer, and that needs to stop; it stops here.  I'm sorry.  It looks like "Me" isn't coming back.
          In the future, this will be my blog.  Forget, forget WordPress, forget FaceBook even.  This will be the face I present to the world.  Will it be profound?  Absolutely not!  I'm not that person.  Over the years I have been masquerading as a "Perfessional Awther," I have made a number of friends.  Hopefully they well see fit to maintain those friendships with my post-writing persona, and this will provide an open door for those friendships, and maybe even some new ones.
          The last question to be answered, then, is what will appear here if not writing-related content?  Hard to say.  I might do a spread on my garden, visit a historic site, post new recipes I've come up with, or make a funny beagle video, I just don't know.  I'll endeavor to make it regular, and I'll certainly try to keep it interesting, but I'm not going to burden myself with planning.  As some of my writing friends say, I'll be flying by the seat of my pants!  I hope it goes well.

~ Jack


  1. Some people are one-book authors, in the sense that they have a limited number of things they want to say, and when that's done as well as they can manage, they are satisfied.

    I often wonder if Harper Lee was in that category, or Margaret Mitchell.

    Recognizing who you are right now, and what you want to do with that, seems the best kind of life you could manage.

    I don't know yet what kind of writer I am (though I suspect there are a few more words there when I finish the mainstream trilogy I've been working on since 2000 (Book 1 published, Book 2 in progress, Book 3 ready to go), and say what it will say.

    I just hope I have enough life and brain to finish it. I do know I will be writing as long as I physically and mentally can - but we're moving to a retirement community in California as soon as I can, and I don't feel complete any day I haven't thrown out a few words into the universe. Wish more of them were finished fiction, but I'm literally doing the best I can.

    Do you still read a lot?

    I loved Carradine in that role, too, and it's wonderful what an actor can do if the role allows it, even if the ACTOR isn't anywhere near the character. Viggo Mortensen is no Strider - but the character will always be with us. I think we want to believe.

    1. Hello, Alicia, and welcome to my oh-so-confused world! I no sooner got this posted than my muse returned, and I've been going hammer-and-tongs ever since. I cleaned up an old fantasy novel that hadn't seen the light of day for 15 years, and I'm going full speed ahead on the spinoff from my original trilogy. Allow me to invite you to the new digs I set up, my rebirth as an author so to speak, at

      Oh, and I haven't been reading much lately. I need to get back to that. Some of my best friends are fellow indies, and I need to return to reading and supporting them. Well, see you over at the new site, I hope!

  2. I did pop over to the other site, got confused because I thought you had stopped writing (hehe), so felt a bit awkward when your resurrection was obviously going one, and wondered whether the words on your latest post there were the words of your guest - and left it all to sort out later.

    I'll follow - good blogs are hard to find. I'm way past beginner in the writing department, but I love my daily stroll through the internet village to listen to those with something interesting to say.

    1. Yeah, I should probably close this, but some of my older books list this as my web page, and since I publish with CreateSpace, if you want to change one word, you have to start over from scratch. But the other blog is my home now, and the stories and essays you see there are current. I do offer pointers that I've learned to novices, but they can open the door to deeper discussions, so please feel free to join in. In alternate posts, I highlight the work of my followers, one of which at some point will be you. I'm really glad you found me. You seem like a kindred spirit. See you around the blogs!

  3. Don't close things - people will figure it out. You could put one last post out that says "Content is still here, but I am still writing/writing again at..."

    The advantage of the internet is that people can find you through your words as long as they are out there.

    When I do find someone new, I like to see what else I missed and read as many of the old blog posts as I find interesting. Some people even leave their comments still open (like Lynda), and don't mind getting readers years later. (That's what I do, too.)

    I followed both your blogs - happy writing!