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Monday, April 2, 2018


"All things in moderation, including moderation!"
                         ~ OSCAR WILDE

          I have been blogging since 2011.  That's not as long as many of you, but I came into it with no particular plan, and not much knowledge on the subject, and over the course of that seven years, I set up a dozen or more blogs with several different providers.  It seemed like the way to attract specific audiences to specific subjects [Note to newbies: it doesn't work!].  Having since published several works of fiction, and having more in the pipeline, I have found it distracting, to say the least, to have to support these books on all of these different blogs, including this one, so I am taking steps to consolidate.
          The vast majority of blogging that I do at the current time is to promote my writing, my friends' writing, and offer discussions of the Craft.  I have very little interest, and even less time, to invest in chatty blogs about the by-products of life today.  I don't see much of it, in any case, preferring to spend my time at home with my stories, my family, my Xbox, and my old TV and movies.  Accordingly, nearly everything I find to blog about can be described as some form of the writing Craft, and in the future, it can all be found at

          That site is about six weeks old, and after an initial flurry of posts to raise visibility, I now try to add to it every four days, alternating between discussions of the Craft, and promotions of my work and that of other independent authors of my acquaintance.  If you have gotten this URL from another source, maybe even one of my books(!), I hope you get around for a visit, and find something to enjoy.  I endeavor to keep it interesting and possibly even insightful, and would love to welcome a book lover, or a fellow author, for a long, comfortable ride.  So come on over.  Maybe you'll find an enjoyable hangout; maybe you'll even find some friends.


  1. My goodness, seven blogs? I can barely keep up with one and I don't even post there all often. Consolidation sounds like a wise plan. Good luck to you with your streamlining efforts.

    1. Yeah, they accumulate like old jackets. One on, one on Goodreads, had a steampunk blog on weebly which I abandoned after ScribD took over, a family blog, this writing blog, and one where I just yammered on about any little oddity that struck my fancy. Had that epiphany where I woke up one day and realized that all my writing time was going into servicing blogs. Now I have the one listed above, which is all about writing, and this one, where I talk about other topics as I feel the need. Pay me a visit at Riding the Blimp sometime; maybe we can find some common ground!

      In any case, thanks for taking the time. It's always fun to meet new people.