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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Being Joe

          I just read the creepiest little short that I've seen in quite a while, Being Joe, by Erin Lee.  This is only available as part of a collection, Carnival of Fear, which collects a sweet thirteen shorts and novellas that bring horror set in carnivals and circuses, places where behind the scenes horror is almost a given, right?  Fitting, since the very word carnival has its origins in the Old Italian carnelevare: taking meat away.  This one doesn't disappoint!
          I can't say much about a short story without ruining the whole thing, but let me try to set the mood.  Being Joe is told by the dominant member of a set of conjoined twins.  The subordinate twin, Moe, is little more than a head that has very little control or feeling of any part of the shared body; all he does is complain, and who can blame him for being bitter?  A one-armed baton-twirling dwarf named Cat is in love with Moe, and Joe can't stand her, not least because she may or may not have killed her last husband and fed him to the circus's big cats.
          And that's as far as I dare go without spoilers.  It is a ride worthy of a much longer work, bringing the horror and suspense advertised along with a healthy dose of sarcastic humor.  Reader of my other blog, Riding the Blimp, were recently treated to a rant about the rising price of e-booksCarnival of Fear, 13 complete stories with a print length of 537 pages, is available on Kindle for 99c, which is what I call a great price!  Erin Lee is a prolific author, and her work can be explored further at  Come on...  Take a walk on the creepy side!

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