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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Shifting Colors

          For seven years, Jack's Hideout has been my flagship blog as others came and went.  But now, with a bittersweet pang of nostalgia, I am moving my flag to Riding the Blimp, a WordPress site.  For reasons I do not fully understand, as I promote everything I write pretty much equally, visits to that site outnumber those coming to this one by a ratio of at least twenty-to-one.  I cannot, or will not, buck the tide any longer.  If you have enjoyed what I have provided here, I strongly recommend that you click over to Riding the Blimp and hit the Follow button.  I'll be doing everything there that I used to do here, and a good deal more, so come over and give me a try.  I'll try to make it worth your while . . .

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