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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Examining Why We Write

From today's issue of Pointless Overthinking:

"The topmost reason for people to write is appreciation and approval.  It is present in the background of every writer.  But here’s the important question…
Is it what drives us?
"Having a simple desire of being read or acknowledged, according to me, is safe.  But there’s a problem when you become dependent on it.  I had started to derive my sense of self-worth and confidence from it.  I realized this a few weeks ago.  And again a few days ago. (I’m a constant realizing machine you see!)
"Someone who read my posts on WordPress sent me an email about how my posts were proving to be useful.  A personal mail.  It was a big deal for my ego.  I liked the appreciation and felt worthy!  I still remember that feeling of pride.  There’s no problem in acknowledging the appreciation.  But when your sense of self-worth becomes dependent on it, that’s problematic."
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