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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Transitioning Again

          First and foremost, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the gentle warriors who have chosen to travel that path.  I have heard it called the hardest, most fulfilling job anyone can ever have, and I'm in no mood to argue.  Enjoy your special day!

          Now I come to the business of this blog. Jack's Hideout was my first internet presence, begun on March 28th, 2011.  I have changed the focus over the eight years I've been delivering random essays, and most of them are in place, although I have removed those with links to long-gone items, and a few whose relevance has been lost to time.  And sometimes I have stopped posting for long periods of time, usually when I've been dazzled away by some newfangled website that's caught my roving eye.  Well, that's going to happen again for a while.

          Friends and followers will know that I'm primarily a writer by interest, and much of this blog and my others are focused on that.  You will also know that I've gone through a long dry spell in terms of inspiration and production, and have been blogging here about odds and ends that have caught my eye.  Well, inspiration has returned with a vengeance, and I am currently engaged in producing a series of 1920s horror stories in the form of novellas, roughly 20,000-word outings that bridge the gap between short stories and novels.  They concern the activities of a team of monster hunters who are sent from their agency to deal, quietly and above all without engendering panic, with creatures from other realms, planes, and dimensions that have crossed into our reality and are creating various forms of havoc.  These are being considered for publication by a horror publisher who I'm not going to name at this time because, frankly, I'm superstitious about jinxing my own chances if I make a premature announcement.

          Nonetheless, I am following the publisher's guidelines until I have a definitive answer, and one of them is that he, the publisher, demands exclusive rights, which means it is not to be published anywhere else.  He has generously given his permission for me to post the stories on for members-only reading so that I can receive constructive criticism before I submit them.  Those who would like to read (and even comment on) my work can join for free by going to and filling out the form.  There is no obligation, and I've been there, with some gaps, for over five years and never had an issue with security or hacking of any kind.  There are currently two stories, one complete (Possession of Blood), and the other in progress (Creeper).  Possession is complete, and is likely to be submitted and removed in 1-2 weeks.  Creeper is under construction, and is about one-quarter completed, so that will be up for a while.

          To reiterate, you must have a membership to read those two stories, but now that I'm deeply immersed in writing once again (and insanely happy to be here!), I have other works there that can be read by all, including my full Beyond the Rails series, and some other short works, as well as the blog that is now receiving all of my attention.  My handle there, as it has been in so many places, is Blimprider, and you can click in and read my on-site blog, Riding the Blimp, at any time; I cover all manner of subjects concerning the Craft of writing, and post every Sunday morning.  I'd love to see you there!

          The upshot is that much of my writing time, time I used to use to blog here, is being taken up with these new activities, and the prospect of professional publication is dazzling my eyes to the point that I want to focus my energies there, so this blog is going back on hiatus for a while at least.  Get over to to check me out, and drop me an e-mail if you'd like to chat, either using the contact form here, or at  Busy I decidedly am, but never too busy to spend time with a friend!

          So, that's 30 for now.  Click those links and come see me at my home away from home.  Grand adventures are waiting to be had!

~ Jack


  1. Thanks, Richard. I have high hopes. By the way, I overlooked another change: Riding the Blimp was my steampunk blog. It has been replaced by my horror blog, Chasing Darkness: