Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Anthology Shorts

          This week I'm going to promote two excellent anthologies in which I have short stories, one in each.  Both were assembled by the members of Scribblers' Den, the best small writing group it has ever been my privilege to be associated with.

          A bit of background for the new readers:  I founded Scribblers' Den as a group within the Steampunk Empire, a web page that was home to 20,000 steampunks, writers, gamers, musicians, builders, cosplayers, practically the whole steampunk universe.  I established the Den as a site for writers that would have no restrictive rules other than a requirement to be civil, and we never had a problem until some two years ago, when the site administrator woke up on the wrong side of the bed and deleted the site.  20,000 people lost their work, their contacts, their networks, everything, and Firefly fans will know what I'm talking about when I say there's a seat by the fire reserved for her in the Special Hell.

          A group led by William J. Jackson re-established the Den on a new site called Welcome to Steampunk, which is similar in look and format to the Steampunk Empire, but will take decades to rebuild to level of that site, if it ever happens.  To support those rebuilding efforts, the membership has produced several anthologies, of which I am pleased to say that I have stories in two of them.

          The first was Den of Antiquity, a dozen stories by some of the most innovative authors in steampunk.  The theme tying the stories together is a den, and when one thinks of a den, one tends to think of comfort. A cozy room in the house—a quiet, comfortable place, a room for conversation, reading, or writing.  One doesn’t tend to think of high adventure, dragons, vampires, airships, or paranormal creatures.  And yet, that’s just what you’ll find in these pages.  Stories of adventure and mystery!  Paranormal, dark, and atmospheric tales!  The fantastical and the imaginative, the dystopian and post-apocalyptic, and everything in between!

          So settle in to the coziest room in your house, plop down into your favorite armchair, and dive in to the Den of Antiquity, featuring stories by E.C. Jarvis, Kate Philbrick, Neale Green, Bryce Raffle, N.O.A. Rawle, David Lee Summers, William J. Jackson, Steve Moore, Karen J. Carlisle, B.A. Sinclair, Alice E. Keyes, and yours truly.  Den of Antiquity is available on Kindle for $2.99, and also in traditional print format.

          The other offering is Southern Steam, an alternative history set in a late nineteenth century in which the Civil War has ended in stalemate, and the two hostile nations share a 1500-mile border across which they eye one another suspiciously and wait for the other to blink.  The action in all the stories takes place in Port Reprieve, a new city that has sprung up on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay to replace ruined Mobile, and has become a bustling seaport, replacing Charleston and Savannah as the gateway to the south.  Scribblers Den's writers have traversed the dimensional barrier and done our research.  We have returned with tales told about the people of that far flung Earth where America is divided, Alabama hosts the world's strangest port city, and every sort and flavor of curiosity roams its dusty streets.  Take a tour through our words down unpaved roads to adventure, tension and danger in the Southern Steam surrounding Port Reprieve.  Southern Steam is available in Kindle format only for $2.99.

          I don't try to judge my own work, but the work of the other authors who contributed to these anthologies is innovative, entertaining, and well-worth experiencing, so climb aboard and join us for some grand adventures in a world of wonder; you just may discover your new guilty pleasure!

Semper audax esse,
~ Jack

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