Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Stone Seekers

          This week I take a look at my own novel, The Stone Seekers, a work of epic fantasy written several years ago under the title of The Wellstone Chronicles, but only published earlier this year under its new title.  The cover photo was taken in our local Laguna Mountains by Richard Schulte and published on his Cool San Diego Sights photoblog.  Richard must be approaching 20,000 photos of buildings, fountains, ships, nature, and a dozen other subjects around San Diego.  He has generously announced that anyone who wishes can use one of his photos for a book cover, illustration, web page banner, or any other legitimate use for the price of acknowledging where it came from as I have done here.  Anyone who has ever priced a professional book cover will understand what he's offering.  This photo was chosen because it is virtually a photograph of the spot I had in mind where my two main characters cross the treacherous river in the book.

          What it is:  The Stone Seekers tells the story of an expert woodsman and a savage warrior united in an uneasy alliance as they try to recover the magical Wellstone, an enchanted gem that locates clean water in a poisoned world where the very land opposes its human interlopers.  During their journey they learn respect for one another as they are challenged by land and animals alike in their efforts to come to grips with the thieves, minions of a mythical entity that would relish seeing the human settlement wither and die.

          What they're saying:  The Stone Seekers is fairly new to Amazon, and only has one review so far, but it is glowing:
          "Can there be anything new in epic fantasy?  Tolkien casts an enormous shadow.  Well, the answer is: yes!  Jack Tyler has given us a new world.  One that is refreshingly different.  There are no orcs, or dwarves, or elves here.  But you won't miss them.  Not at all.  Jeval and Galena must retrieve the Wellstone or their people will die.  However, once outside the Wall, survival is not an easy matter under the best of circumstances.  And Rankaya is going to make sure there are no best circumstances.  She wants the Wellstone all to herself.  And Tyler goes on to people his book with a host of intriguing characters and wave after wave of evil doers.  But most of all, these are characters we grow to love, or hate as the case may be.  And that is what draws you in, as you read The Stone Seekers.  What's more, Tyler is an accomplished storyteller.  He gives you a yarn worth reading.  A story filled with excitement, testing, and tenderness.  Don't pass this one by.  Seriously.  You'll regret it."
Chris, Amazon customer

          Like my other books, The Stone Seekers is permanently on sale on Amazon for 99¢.  The paperback version is quite a bit pricier, but if that's your thing, it's priced as low as Amazon allows.  The Stone Seekers is available on my author's page

          As to current events in my writing existence, I am coming up on quite a watershed event.  You can read all about it on my artisan's blog at Writing-dot-com.  And that will do me for this week. Read well, write better, and I'll see you around the stacks.

Semper audax esse,
~ Jack 


  1. That's a great review - hope Chris tells all his RL friends.

    And a very generous offer from your friend Richard.

    As for the other, well, I'm waiting with you with fingers thoroughly crossed.

    1. Yes, it would be nice if that particular word got spread around. Writing the book's the easy part. The trick is making more than a handful of people aware that it exists.

      Richard is both a gifted photographer and a generous human being. It's truly an honor to have a group of friends like mine.

      And the waiting... I put up a front like I don't care which way it goes, that I have two lives planned out for after the decision, but I've had that dream for a good many decades, and to be this close with no word day after day... it's tough!

      Hope you're making progress on your own project as well. Looking forward to the time that I can say "I knew her when!"

  2. Hey! Another great Jack Tyler book to read! I'll have to pick it up over the next couple weeks. Maybe I'll put it on my Christmas wish list.

    1. Hi, Lynda! I'm grateful for every reader, but don't read anything just because you know me, or anyone. If fantasy is your thing, though, I think you'll enjoy this one. I went out of my way to avoid every trope I was aware of, so it definitely travels the road less taken.

      Happy holidays to you and yours!

    2. Oh, Jack . . . I have two things going for me: first, I've read your books and love your writing style. And second, I love fantasy. The only thing I have against me is free time, but the Christmas holiday is one where I try my best to not take on anything that's unnecessary. I'm wrapping up edits on one book and a paid beta on another, and then the cookie-baking and Christmas Eve music prep will finally have my full attention instead of being squeezed in.

      I really do shut down completely from Christmas morning until New Year's Day. All the crazy prep is worth the seven days or so of sleeping late, having fun with family, and relaxing.


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