Monday, September 6, 2021

I Want to be Somewhere

           Good morning, friends. Today's post is for the poetry fans among us. I've happened across a splendid young voice in the field, and would very much like to get her some much-deserved recognition. Like so many of the authors I feature here, she is a Writing-dot-com member. She a business major just into her twenties, and her site portfolio amounts to a book of poems touching on events and feelings that impact us every day. This is the poem that caught my eye:

          I Want to be Somewhere

          Fans of poetry about issues that effect real life can find the collected writings of Soma Silver in her portfolio at Writing-dot-com. She's a wonderful new voice who is focused on her studies and describes herself as a hobbyist, so there's a fair chance that she may never publish, but you can read her work now, and for free; it's very much worth doing!

Semper audax esse,

~ Jack

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