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What to Read Next

          So, have you read Beyond the Rails, or read about it, found it interesting, and want to see more interesting work in the -punk genres?  Well, you happen to be in luck.  Rest assured, the works found here are literally wonderful, taking place in worlds of wonder both in our familiar surroundings, and far, far beyond.  Click the links.  See what I'm talking about, but be warned:  It is far easier to enter these worlds than it is to leave them...

Because life's too short to settle for ordinary!

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          U.S. Marshal James Creed has known loss, starting from the untimely death of his wife and daughter in a sudden fire.  His work, chasing down and arresting outlaws across the Wild West, is all he has left to live for.  Then one day, in 1876, the infamous killer Corwin Blake catches Creed by surprise and guns him down.
          Creed awakes after a mysterious young woman resurrects him in a basement laboratory beneath a brothel.  Half alive, Creed feels torn between his need for justice and his desire to fall back into the peace of death.  Creed's instincts drive him to protect the city of Santa Cruz, California, from the outlaws it harbors while searching for Blake.  He uncovers a secret criminal organization, likely protecting Blake, determined to use resurrection technology for its own ends.  The former marshal, now faster, stronger, and a more deadly shot than ever before, must work with a brothel madam, a bounty hunter, and the remaining marshals to uncover the criminal syndicate before they can misuse the machines of rebirth and create more mindless zombies.  Meanwhile, he must also stop Blake, before the outlaw kills the only people he cares about.
          His own death can wait.

     The Brazen Shark, voted best steampunk novel of 2016 in the Preditors and Editors reader's poll. Pirate captain, inventor, and entrepreneur Onofre Cisneros sweeps his friends Fatemeh and Ramon Morales off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Once there, a British agent makes Cisneros an offer he can't refuse and the captain must travel to Japan. Wanting to see more of the world, Ramon and Fatemeh ask to accompany the captain only to find themselves embroiled in a plot by samurai who steal a Russian airship, hoping to overthrow the Japanese emperor.

     Karen J. Carlisle's latest Victorian steampunk mystery novel, Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales.
      "All of Viola’s plans have gone astray.  Has Henry forgotten Viola’s birthday or are there more nefarious things afoot?  The Men in Grey return – with plans for Viola.  Can Polly save the day?  Will the lure of technology seduce Viola or will Henry lose her forever?  With Doctor Henry Collins at her side, Viola runs foul of mummies, curses and the paranormal. But this time, the threat of Bedlam looms over them…"
Details on where to buy - direct and online - is on Karen's webpage

     This novella is a soft dieselpunk story set in Chicago in 1924.  The protagonist is Susie, a Chinese immigrant, who is the star of a speakeasy show.  She lives a carefree life and thinks she's having the best life she could ever dream of.  But when she meets Blood in the speakeasy, a stranger who's more than he appears, she starts to see things in a very different way as she gradually comes to realize that she has been taken captive by an entity that is more dangerous than she ever thought.

     A thief, a lover and a toymaker; drawn together by fate, unlikely champions against a powerful and remorseless enemy. When not fighting each other, they must confront a powerful lord and end his plan to unleash global violence. No problem. But behind the scenes, the immortal trickster is manipulating men like puppets, changing history for his own amusement. And as an ancient plan is set into motion, the trio are faced with events they do not understand and may not survive. Legacy is the first of an epic new series that combines Fantasy and Steampunk in an unforgettable novel set in Victorian England.

      Will her heart or her conscience win the day?
      The year is 1953 and Hall Media's star reporter Lady Dru Drummond is on her way to Moscow.  With her is her journalist partner and lover Karl von Weidner.  They are to report on the death of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and the jockeying for power that has begun within the walls of the Kremlin.
      Also on board the giant zeppelin Deutschland is the dashing Captain Mikhail Turbanev, who wants to win back Russia for the Czar.  However, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Britain, and America are all interested in having a hand in who succeeds Stalin.
      When Dru is swept off her feet by the handsome Turbanev, she finds herself caught up in the middle of international intrigue and civil war.  A civil war that becomes as brutal as anything Stalin ever did.  Will Lady Dru follow her heart or her conscience?
      The Moscow Affair is the first book in an international action-adventure series that takes place in an alternative history world.  Here you’ll find compelling characters, humor, suspense, and a strong and sensitive female heroine.  If you like Lara Croft, Agent Carter, or a female version of Indiana Jones, you’re sure to enjoy this new sci-fi series, where World War II never happened and swing and Streamline Moderne never went out of style.

      Royal America was Steve Moore's first novel and the action opens in the Southwest of America with the British Army trying to recruit Geronimo in order to form the Queen's Own Apache Rifles - Much as in our version of existence they recruited the Ghukhas.

     She spits, she shoots, and she swears.  She's every little girl's hero and every boy's too.  She's Lorna Lockheed and she never bluffs.
     At the literal turn of the century, a rag tag team of misfits calling themselves Jetpunks and fashioning themselves inheritors to the legacy of Jesse James or Butch Cassidy, decide to rekindle a war of vandalism and corporate mischief.  This time not against the Union North so much as the monopolistic businessmen and corrupt politicians colluding to rip off the nation's brightest scientists and independent inventors.  Armed with nothing but brass goggles, her one of a kind solo propulsion turbojet, and plenty of verve, test pilot Lorna Lockheed's not afraid to fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of science.
     Enjoy all three brand new stories together for the first time from debut author C William Perkins, with illustrations by Doug Arthur.  The Collected Adventures of Lorna Lockheed vol. 1 includes: "Twentieth Century Eve", "The Even Greater Train Robbery", and "Lorna Lockheed Never Bluffs".  Just remember to strap in and tighten those goggles because Lorna Lockheed only knows one way to fly.  Faster!

     “Oh, my Goodness, Miss Plumtartt, there is a fiendish monster at loose in London!”
     “Quite so, Mr. Temperance.  I say, the villain has the Great City in an uproar, sir.”
     “Yes, Ma’am, Miss Plumtartt, Ma’am, there is murder at our elbow, wherever we turn.”
     “The machinations of intrigue threaten to crush us in their merciless gears, eh hem?  Yes, One suspects that this adventure may come to be known as 'The Strange Case of Dr. Icky and Mr. Temperance.'”

      The Legacy Universe.  It begins here.
      Is it ever too late to do what is right?
      A fusion of steampunk and superheroics... this is the Rail.  Mix in a healthy dose of human foibles, and you are in for a reading on the ups and downs of paranormals, how people react to them, and how their actions shape (and destroy) the world around them.
      THE GUILD OF HONOR:  Once this fabled society of paranormals kept the metropolis safe from abnormal threats, and gifted America with advanced steam-powered technology.  Then, jealousy and rivalry brought them to a deadly end at the hands of a military takeover.
      Flag Banner Epsom.  Aretha Tyne Astin.  Two paranormals in a world that fears them, a Victorian Wonderland of fast trains and gravity-defying cloudcraft.  Can these two solve an invisible murder, and catch a killer with plans to shed more blood, or will they succumb to the fist of the United States Regular Army?

     The X-Troop is created by President Grant to fight technologically advanced terrorists in 1876.

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NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has discovered thousands of new planets. Visiting, much less settling, those worlds will provide innumerable challenges. The men and women who make the journey will be those who don't fear the odds. They'll be Kepler's Cowboys. Saddle up and take an unforgettable journey to distant star systems. Meet new life forms--some willing to be your friend and others who will see you as the invader. Fight for justice in a lawless frontier. Go on a quest for a few dollars more. David Lee Summers, author of the popular Clockwork Legion novels, and Steve B. Howell, head of the Space Sciences and Astrobiology Division at NASA Ames Research Center, have edited this exciting, fun, and rollicking anthology of fourteen stories and five poems by such authors as Patrick Thomas, Jaleta Clegg, Anthony R. Cardno, L.J. Bonham, and many more!

     When one thinks of a den, one tends to think of comfort. A cozy room in the house—a quiet, comfortable place, a room for conversation, reading, or writing. One doesn’t tend to think of high adventure, dragons, vampires, airships, or paranormal creatures. And yet, that’s just what you’ll find in these pages. Stories of adventure and mystery! Paranormal, dark, and atmospheric tales! The fantastical and the imaginative, the dystopian and post-apocalyptic, and everything in between!
     So settle in to the coziest room in your house, plop down into your favorite armchair, and dive in to the Den of Antiquity.
     Featuring stories by Jack Tyler, E.C. Jarvis, Kate Philbrick, Neale Green, Bryce Raffle, N.O.A. Rawle, David Lee Summers, William J. Jackson, Steve Moore, Karen J. Carlisle, B.A. Sinclair and Alice E. Keyes.
     All proceeds benefit the Red Cross disaster relief fund.

       A collection of erotic stories with a Gothic Steampunk feel.  The Disturbing Exhibits are objects that have dark horrific tales linked to them and are on exhibit in a version of Frederick J Horniman's Museums in a very different version of existence.  In this version of history the British have never lost the brightest "Jewel in the Crown," their colony Royal America.  They did not go to India but focused on the main prize.  The capital is Hanover DC (Dominion Capital).  Queen Victoria rules a very different world.  There are stories from Greece, Tibet, India, Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Royal America.  The Heroines and Heroes are Victorian up to a point.  They are all seized with collecting very special objects for Frederick J Hornimans collections.

     Come visit the Old West, the land where gang initiations, ride-by shootings and territory disputes got their start. But these tales aren’t the ones your grandpappy spun around a campfire, unless he spoke of soul-sucking ghosts, steam-powered demons and wayward aliens.
      Here then are seventeen stories that breathe new life in the Old West. Among them: Larry Correia explores the roots of his best-selling Monster Hunter International series in "Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers." Jim Butcher reveals the origin of one of the Dresden Files' most popular characters in "Fistful of Warlock." And Kevin J. Anderson's Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I., finds himself in a showdown in "High Midnight." Plus stories from Alan Dean Foster, Sarah A. Hoyt, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael A. Stackpole, and many more.
      This is a new Old West and you’ll be lucky to get outta town alive!

      Under the Black is a collection of dark tales by Kate Philbrick and Steve Moore and is mainly set in Oman, Ceylon and New Jersey.  The Jersey Devil and other monsters lurk in these Gothic Victorian nightmares.


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Children's Books

     The adventures of a Space Chicken named Peck Fox, an adventurer who, looking for great deals on comic books, crash lands on Urph (Earth) and gets a job at an electronics store to pay for repairs on his ship. Short, easy read, great for kids with a couple of activities. 

           Most of these works can be found on in print and e-book formats.

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